Nicotine - Australia Laws

Nicotine - Australia Laws


Nicotine - Australia Laws

There is a link below to a reputable overseas supplier of nicotine, which can be added to your zero nicotine e-liquid.

However, it is a requirement of the use of this website and page that you read the disclaimer directly below in full and agree to abide by the content in full, before acting any further to purchase any product.

By continuing to view this page you agree to fully abide by the laws of the states and territories of Australia regarding nicotine import from overseas as outlined below. 

Therapeutic Goods Administration article 



The importation of nicotine, even for personal use, in your state or territory of Australia may be illegal, so please read this statement in full regarding your responsibilities in this process.

Vapester Vaping has never and will never sell nicotine in any form, until such time as it is legal to do so in Australia, as decided and legislated into law by the Therapeutic Goods Administration or any future body authorised by the Australian government to deal with this legislation.

Vapester Vaping strongly advises that before acting any further to purchase nicotine or any other product containing nicotine ALL Australian residents check their local, state or territory legislation regarding the importation of electronic cigarettes and nicotine or products containing nicotine in their state of residence, as these laws may vary from federal legislation.

The information provided within this page by Vapester Vaping cannot be considered as binding legal advice in any way shape or form. You must be aware that any purchase you make is totally at your own risk and that you must in all cases act within the laws and legislation of your state or territory.

By reading any further you agree to indemnify and hold Vapester Vaping harmless should you not follow your state or territories current laws to the letter, regarding the legalities of importing e-cigarettes, nicotine and products containing nicotine. You will be doing so at your own risk and should do so only after extensive research carried out by you (The Purchaser) regarding the laws of the state or territory you currently reside within.

We (Vapester Vaping) highly and strongly recommend contacting the Therapeutic Goods Administration asking for clarification and stating your individual circumstance and reason for importing potentially illegal products, providing your state of residence and also asking if a prescription is required from a licensed medical professional (GP) prior to the lodgement or importation of any order (purchase) with an overseas supplier.  

Vapester Vaping accepts no liability whatsoever should you (The Purchaser) not comply with your state or territories current laws regarding the legalities of importing e-cigarettes, nicotine and any products containing nicotine.

Please also note nicotine is a poison and it is your responsibility even after purchase to keep this product in a locked and secure location, which is totally inaccessible to minors (Children). Nicotine is a significant poisoning risk product.

Please do not read any further unless you unreservedly agree to the above terms and conditions.



Nicotine in Australia is a Schedule 7 poison and as such is prohibited from being supplied or sold by us (Vapester Vaping) or any other Australian supplier or retailer.

However, if you are fully approved to import nicotine in writing, preferably by the TGA, this usually falls under a scheme administered by the Therapeutic Goods Administration, you may be permitted to import a 3 month supply of nicotine for your personal use.

Nicotine can be ordered in strengths of 25mg/ml, 50mg/ml, 75mg/ml or 100mg/ml.

It can also be ordered in a base of either PG or VG and in bottle sizes of 100mL or 200mL.

Only when approved as above in our disclaimer we recommend ordering a 200ml bottle of 100mg/ml strength in a base of PG from here Mixology Vapes. 

Below is a reference to mixing ratios

Mixing Nicotine  

The amounts of 100mg/ml Nicotine to add to a 30mL bottle of e-liquid for a particular strength of nicotine are as follows:

  • Very Low Strength (3mg) add 0.9ml of nicotine to a 30ml bottle of zero nicotine e-liquid
  • Low Strength (6mg) add 1.8ml of nicotine to a 30ml bottle of zero nicotine e-liquid
  • Medium Strength (12mg) add 3.6ml of nicotine to a 30ml bottle of zero nicotine e-liquid
  • High Strength (18mg) add 5.4ml of nicotine to a 30ml bottle of zero nicotine e-liquid

It is recommended to keep the nicotine level as low as possible and to remember once it is added it cannot be removed.

The higher the nicotine level generally the harsher the throat hit will be, 3mg is a good start as you can always add more if this is not enough.